“Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever.” – Aristophanes

We decided to get out of town and spent a few days in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. When you’re in a place that boasts of great wine and beautiful scenery, you just have to drop the more serious touristic pursuits and pick up the bottle. Perhaps I don’t become more clever with wine drinking but it sure as hell makes life a little more fun. Plus being a tourist can start to feel a little dull.IMG_1149 IMG_1136IMG_1128 IMG_1082IMG_1064 IMG_1050 IMG_1027Stellenbosch was a great historical University town and a foodies delight.IMG_1503 IMG_1490I’ll pass on this…


and have this instead!
IMG_1458 IMG_1456 IMG_1455

We did a couple wine tasting then spent a few nights in Franschhoek, a very walkable little town. Which was fortunate because forgetting our driver’s license meant we were at the mercy of public transportation or tours. We stayed in a tiny little bungalow surrounded by fruit and poplar trees.


Being in nature I felt like I could catch a deep breath. I’ve realized this is where I want to be, in nature, and it’s become increasingly more difficult to wait for what we refer to as our “cabin in the woods” experience.IMG_1168IMG_1202 IMG_1193

We joined a trolly-driven wine tour and it was pretty funny being carted around, and also very convenient. I think we were about 20 years younger than the overall median age.


This picture is for my grandpa, who loves anything tractor.IMG_1384IMG_1398 IMG_1406IMG_1411IMG_1263

I know I sort of joked about buying property here. But seriously, its affordable and look at this place! I don’t have any money so if someone else could go ahead and buy a little place I’ll come help you tend the gardens!IMG_1239 IMG_1227 IMG_1214


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