late fall

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” – Lewis



IMG_3363 Ever since we got back from Hawaii I was feeling so tired. In the months prior I had been feeling uncertain about trying, so we just decided to not not try. As with Indra, we only needed the one time! I was beginning to suspect I was pregnant because of the fatigue and on Halloween I was riding in the backseat and felt a little “off.” I don’t know that I’d call it nausea, but I just didn’t feel quite right. I waited a couple more days then went and bought a test. Indra was with me in the bathroom and when it turned positive we jumped up and down together! It was so fun getting to surprise Ez when he got home from work! We were all so happy. Here I am at about 5 weeks.IMG_3355-COLLAGEJust capturing some of the day-to-day things. Dave is always so good playing and reading with Indra.IMG_4202All of a sudden, everything was changing. It was so great but also I started realizing how quickly it all goes. IMG_3380Indra discovered Ezra’s scotch. Between that and her pants from Nana, she looks a little like a party girl!IMG_3389Waking up to look at the deer outside. Crazy hair and all.IMG_3398Just busy doing some work.IMG_3409-COLLAGERunning around (and away from mom) Bop’s yard. She always heads straight for the tree swing.IMG_3420-COLLAGEIMG_3452We forgot to get a picture all dressed up on Thanksgiving. So this casual one will have to do. IMG_3467Just hanging with her faves on Thanksgiving weekend.IMG_0041-COLLAGEDave spent a great deal of time looking for the perfect location for Laurie’s bench. He wanted a place she loved, where we felt like we were visiting and honoring her. She loved this trail amongst the pines. We were altogether so it was the perfect opportunity to set the bench and spread more of her ashes.IMG_3484-COLLAGEIMG_3533It was sad being in the house for all the firsts without Laurie. To try to keep the mood festive we went to the tree farm and picked one out. Years ago we did this with her on a cold snowy day. This year it was warm and sunny and didn’t feel at all like Christmas was around the corner.IMG_3595-COLLAGEIMG_3632            Eight weeks and feeling like I’m already popping! IMG_3643