spring with family

“The way to know life is to love many things.” – Van Gogh

For me, one of the best things about travel is coming home to the ones you love. Watching the joy on Indra’s face as she saw her family was priceless. After her first glimpse of Levi, she was backing up into his lap for some cuddles and reading. There is so much comfort in being in the familiar and with those who know and love you best.

Taking some afternoon walks with Nana and playing in the snow, riding Hunter, and going to the zoo were just some of Indra’s fun activities. However, even after months with her few toys, she still hadn’t totally tired of them. The Little Blue Truck will always be a favorite.

We were leaving for New Mexico on Easter so we thought it would be nice to celebrate with Indra. I was so proud of this eco egg dye. haha. I wanted to make it from scratch but just didn’t have the energy for it. It was a chilly egg hunt but we did it. Last year we were in Iowa for Laurie’s celebration of life, so this was Indra’s first try at egg dyeing.

We flew to Colorado and then drove to New Mexico. We were off to visit Ezra’s grandpa Harry and then to all be together on the one-year passing of Laurie. Our days were not as free as everyone else’s. Ezra had to work and Indra needed naps so we usually joined up in the afternoons.

Four generations of Littles. We took a little venture out to a spot where Harry did one of his races. It was a beautiful day.

Back at the hotel pool. Indra is not feeling it. That’s ok, I’d rather she be a little scared.

Just some beautiful landscapes whilst driving back to Colorado.

I’m not sure there was ever a girl who loved her cousins more. Yoga at the brewery, why not?

Once back in the Midwest, this greeted us. Some of the novelty of being back home was quickly knocked out of me!

Indra seemed to remember all her toys and the activities she did with Bop. She got right to work.

All of Laurie’s sisters gathered at the house to help go through her clothes. It was an an emotional exercise but one that needed to happen. At least all being together made the weekend feel more lighthearted.

We had yet to see the Lindgrens so Indra and I took off for a few days in Champaign. We finally got a little hint of spring in the air. We enjoyed being outside and seeing flowers and really just hanging out.

When cousins match – it’s the cutest!

Back to Dave’s house it was nice to see Ez. This is a grainy picture but I love seeing Ezra read to Indra. These are some of the sweet memories I’ll remember most.

I know a murder is for crows, but I feel like this should be called a murder of kittens.

Feeling awfully big and outgrowing my clothes! Need to get a few more shirts I think!

Enjoying some alone time now that we’re home. I took myself on a date to the coffee shop to start my Permaculture course. Unfortunately with all the moving that will happen, I never got around to finishing it.

And that’s a wrap! A good first month back in the (mostly) Midwest!