“Love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” – Thich Nhat Hahn

Twelve years ago I met Ezra and my life has never been the same. Our lives together have been a bit eclectic – an array of challenges and adventures and always full of love. Our foundation is built on acceptance of each other’s imperfections, recognizing the other’s strengths, and encouraging each other to grow into better versions of ourselves. We are best friends and over the years have melded our lives together in total. I have never felt so firm-footed and confident with someone, we have been a family for years.

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After spending so much time away from home I felt the fragility of life, especially hearing news from back home and not being able to participate in it directly. A wedding to us was about our families and we are blessed with grandparents who could attend. This became a strong motivator and mid August we decided to marry the end of September. We wanted it the be simple and intimate. A backyard wedding with just immediate family.

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Ezra was in London, so with much help from our families we were able to pull together a wedding that ended up being one of the best nights. Ezra’s brother got ordained. My parents fancied up their yard. Ez’s mom lent me her ring. We cooked food and baked the cake, and my sister made awesome invitations. The back yard dripped with lights and candles. Who says you need a year to put together a wedding! Everyone was involved in one way or another and we were touched by all the sweet words said to us during the ceremony. We were grateful for beautiful weather and an even better family.

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