home for the summer

“The wound is just where light enters the body.” – Rumi

I was excitedly anticipating being home for the summer. Initially the thought was for one month, maybe a little longer, to really visit with family and friends. However this turned into almost 2.5 months and was nothing we anticipated. In some regards it was the best few months and in others some of the most trying. I left feeling drained and sad and also grateful for the moments of what felt like grace.


My summer garden.

It was truly a summer of family. I arrived home to my grandpa in the hospital and my grandma’s health slipping quickly away from us. I am grateful for all the time I spent with them and for the overnights with my grandma. Waking up at their house and being able to help in the small ways felt like such a gift. When my grandma passed I was rubbing her head, kissed her and said “I love you.” She was in her home surrounded by all the people who loved her. It was a sacred moment and a privilege to be present with her as she passed thru what will follow for us all. On my wedding day she told me that she loved me from her ancestral soul. And I her. I loved her deeply and I felt this loss deeply.



memorial flowers for my grandmaIMG_1659 


There was joy this summer too. My baby sister got married and she looked beautiful and glowed with happiness on her momentous day. Leading up to the event were showers and rehearsals and her Hen party. It was a fun couple weeks!


wine tasting and bra pong.

IMG_1192IMG_1241IMG_1255IMG_1258IMG_1260   IMG_1290IMG_1270

gorgeous, huh?


The rest of the summer was a bit of a whirlwind. We were a little untethered and felt adrift between multiple cities and states. It felt like every couple of days we were in a new bed. I loved spending so much time with everyone. Though there was very little time for anything else. And while we left thoroughly exhausted, we felt we squeezed the most out of each moment and reconnected to the ones we love the most!

A week at the lake!


IMG_1382 IMG_1379 IMG_1354 IMG_1325Breaking in to the old apartment!IMG_1619

A visit to Champaign, Illinois followed by a detour to Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.


Little gamers.

IMG_1540IMG_1764IMG_1527We spent some wonderful time with Ezra’s parents and our nephews in Iowa. Ez also went on a trip with his brother Josh to Ireland. But because I was not on this trip he’ll have to document it sometime in the future. Meanwhile I had great chats with my sister-in-law Jill and fun overnights. Somehow we did not take any pictures?!? Jill, we need to work on this!

Homemade cherry pie and tofurkey dogs – the tastes of summer!

 IMG_1512IMG_1523 IMG_1484IMG_1516Road trippin’ back to Minneapolis.IMG_1612

Birthday cake and getting ready for our trip!


Finished off the summer repairing our house’s sidewalk, taking in a Twin’s game, birthday shopping with my mama and holding Olive my cousin’s Bearded Dragon.

IMG_1756  IMG_1644IMG_1647IMG_1779

I happened across this gem and just have to share it. Love the hair and outfits!