mulanje, majete + likoma

“Each day is one step further from birth, one moment closer to dismissal. How we travel this path is our own decision.” -Frederick A Babb

Every month we were given a four day break. Our first adventure was to Mt. Mulanje. We considered doing what many people do and actually climb it, but instead we found a nice little hotel with a great view. Rows of tea and mountains across the border in Mozambique were our backdrop.


We listened to the calls of the monkeys and toucans and just sort of recouped some energy. There was cool weather and rain – things I forgot existed. We took a nice stroll thru the field and sipped a few cups of good tea.

IMG_8382 IMG_8363IMG_8443

One weekend a bunch of us hopped in the truck to Majete Wildlife Reserve and had a quick little safari and camped out.


It was not the most spectacular in terms of animal sightings, but we had fun nonetheless. We went on a night drive where we saw one of the few lions in the park, zebras, hippos, elephants and crocs.

IMG_9774IMG_9715IMG_9721 IMG_9643 IMG_9586IMG_9611 IMG_9736

In the early morning there was a bush walk that was nice, but we mainly viewed antelope, animal tracks and termite mounds. 


My favorite though was the boat ride. We had a dodgy few minutes when we got stuck on a rock but we made it back in one piece.

IMG_9949 IMG_9929 IMG_9895 IMG_9887 IMG_9878 IMG_9971IMG_9979

Our last break we took a few extra days and went up to Lake Malawi. After a crazy bus ride, another bus ride which broken down in the middle of the night, switching buses again, and finally we made it to Nkhata Bay.


We only stayed a couple nights before taking an overnight boat to Likoma, which is a beautiful little island in the middle of the lake with lots of baobab trees.

IMG_0309 IMG_0287 IMG_0266 IMG_0251

After all the travel to get there we were happy it was such a beautiful place. In hind sight I’m not sure it was worth all the travel.

IMG_0492IMG_0473 IMG_0490 IMG_0487IMG_0366IMG_0342IMG_0443IMG_0372IMG_0351IMG_0385IMG_0334

But we swam and lounged on the beach and took lots of naps. Getting up at 4:30 is not an easy habit to break and by about 9:00 each night I was passed out asleep.


Cute kids and interestingly named barber shops abound.


Do this trip in reverse and we were back at base for a couple last weeks of volunteering.

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