The Lake and 1st Birthday Party

“Time wasted at the lake is time well spent.”

Summer seriously is the best time of the year. Especially when you live someplace where winter occupies the other half of the year. This was our first time taking Indra up to the lake. As I’ve gotten older, the lake has lost some of its luster for me. It doesn’t hold quite the same appeal as when we were kids running around with our cousins. However, this year I was excited to bring Indra. It would be a week of a lot of firsts.
How many cousins can you fit in a kiddie pool?I cannot remember exactly why Ezra surprised me with this beautiful bouquet of flowers but I was really touched. It probably had something to do with how difficult the past few months had been. Either way, flowers for no reason are always a nice surprise! Worthy of a picture for sure.Indra, is like “who the hell is this guy again?”Taking a bath in the same sink we did as kids. It comes full circle! First time boating!First time swimming in the pool! I think she liked it! haha First time in the lake. I told you there were a lot of firsts! Sneaking off to nap with Indra. I was getting over a nasty cold.

And then we arrived back in time for Indra’s first birthday party. This was meant to be a casual affair. But I found these incredible looking cupcakes on Pinterest which spurred a garden party idea. Then I had finally lost some of my baby weight and this dress finally fit. So a simple one-year-old birthday party got a little fancy. Ezra saw us in dresses and insisted on dressing nice too. I had been counting on him to bring the casual to the party. But he thought he’d be out of place if he wore jeans. So fancy we all became!

I cannot take credit for these cupcakes. I bossed my sisters into making them. They had better skills than I, and also, I had planned poorly how time consuming these would be to decorate. Luckily, they put up with me, but not before calling me a “dictator” or some other such term of endearment. I totally deserved it.Opening gifts!Bench from Grandpa Bernie.So proud of this gluten, dairy, processed sugar free cake.It may look like Indra enjoyed this soulless cake. But actually she gagged on it. What a surprise, right? It was so dense it sort of felt like a brick.Finally free from that dress and god-awful cake!Baby buns, just because.

            Wearing off some of that food.

Not sure if I took this picture totally posing or if Nana snuck in and took it. Either way, love laying with my little sweetie.

Getting ready to head out of Minnesota and drive to our new home in Iowa.