the sunshine state

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” -Ernest Hemingway

First stop on our journey South was a visit to my sister in sunny Orlando. I don’t like goodbyes and saying farewell to my Minnesota family and friends was difficult. Made even more difficult that my wonderful parents had let Ezra and I live with them for three months (I know, I’m lucky). I think we all revert back to kids when our parents ask how our day was, make us dinner and wish us good night. Ezra had a great time bonding with my parents and he’s already planning at least a couple weeks with them before we consider getting an apartment. Mom and Dad… prepare yourselves!

So after saying goodbye it was nice to know I still had a few weeks with my Florida family. We went to the beach, picked fruit in the middle of winter and I got some special one on one time with my sweet niece and nephew. I had a lot of time to bond with my sister and watch horror movies with my brother-in-law.

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Ezra joined us for a few days in Orlando before our flight to Mexico. This was his first visit to their Florida home and we were all pretty excited to have him there. The kids love their uncle and showered him with attention and cared for him when he hurt his toe. They helped him bandage his wound and sweetly offered up their blanket in case he needed comforting.

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We went to an Old Sugar Mill where we made pancakes right on a griddle at our table. Had a nice walk and went to check out the Manatees. We had a great few days all together and then it was time to leave. In a very un-Angie like performance I couldn’t stop crying after saying goodbye and felt embarrassed by my emotional display going thru ticketing and security with red eyes and wondering if this trip was the right choice. I felt guilty leaving again and would miss the most important thing in my life, my family.

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We are bringing pictures of our beloved kiddos (our nephews and niece) and will be traveling and snapping pictures of our adventures along the way.

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