“Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with a great and strong purpose in your heart.” – Hinckley


We made it to Cyprus just in time for me to be 23 weeks!

Once we arrived I was so glad we hadn’t decided to go home early. I had just been worn down and all I really wanted was to spend some time together and relax. So while the town was fairly dead we enjoyed the great balcony. We drank coffee every morning, Indra ran around naked and danced to some Cypriot music that Ezra downloaded. Or was is Greek?

I felt like my baby was growing up. I was preparing for everything to change. I never gave much thought to breastfeeding before I became a mom, but it has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I am also preparing for this relationship to change as well. But for now, I cherish these moments. I couldn’t figure out how to edit this, so if a nipple offends, so be it! We’ve all got them, we’ve all seen them.

Indra started becoming aware and fascinated with bugs. Trying to pass on some Buddhist teachings we encouraged her to just watch instead of touch. What you can’t hear is the million “hi’s” this poor bug heard. Hey, better that than being smooshed. It was actually pretty sweet.

Local beach down a not very scenic stretch of road. But hey, it led to this.

Oh dear, glad we’re not out in public. Haha.

Making delicious food on our Mediterranean balcony. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Being so far east, Ezra had to start work pretty late, so our days just shifted. We tried to get out in the mornings and explore or go for a walk. If a beach was involved, all the better.  Kind of a magical afternoon playing on the beach.

So around this time frame Indra is obsessed with bubbles. Obviously.

Other things to be newly obsessed with… strawberries. Poor kid looks like a ghost with the amount of sunscreen on. I thought this was supposed to be the “clear” formula. Not so impressed.

There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Cyprus. However a lot of them are the umbrella-to-umbrella sort with lines of tourists. Maybe this happens here as well, but Konnos beach was tucked away next to a nature preserve, it was quiet, unassuming and an absolute gem!

All tuckered out from the beach.

After about a week on the eastern side of the island we decided to stop in Nicosia on our way west. I’ve read that Nicosia is the last divided city. Up until recently you couldn’t even cross the Green line to get into North Cyprus. We were going to take a few days here, but hiring a car and logistics were just getting too complicated with all the red tape. So we just spent an afternoon on the other side wandering around for a bit.

Beautiful architecture on both sides of the divide.

Old Venetian walls.

I want to live in this garden.

After our venture to the capital we decided to stay near Pahpos to see some of the historical/archeological sites. But of course during the day Indra and I needed something to do.

We spent many a hour at the beach tossing in every stone and pebble in sight.

On the days when we didn’t get out, things could get a little crazy.

If this picture has a slight purple hue, its because the apartment we were staying in wasn’t in a great location – so we moved. We had a hard time finding a good fit on such short notice, so we stayed in a hotel. This hotel was full of wild patterns and lighting that changed to match whatever mood you were in. I was always in the “just normal lighting please” mood, but somehow it always looked slightly purple.

Please, oh please, eat something else on that plate other than peanut butter toast.

Soaking up these last beach days with my best girl.

Playing on the patio. What’s so unusual? Haha.

After a seriously wild rugged ride in our tiny car, we made it to Lara Beach. And it was beautiful!

The family that travels together…

throws copious amounts of rocks in the water together.

Hitting up some Unesco World Heritage sites.

Still in her oatmeal phase, but its starting to wind down thankfully.

We needed one last time at Coral Bay.

25 weeks already!

It was our last day and we needed to quick go see some of the historical sites. First up the Archaealogical Park.

What’s so great about those old rocks? These ones look pretty good to me.

These guys look like they knew how to party.

We did not plan our time wisely. With an hour or so left, the Tomb of Kings and Indra’s nap were conflicting. So being the tired, achy pregnant lady, I took one for the team. I sat in the cool car while the toddler napped. Ezra saw this. Cyprus you were alright.