Change of Season

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” – Oscar Wilde

We wanted to continue our new traditions with Indra so we sought out an apple orchard in Iowa and took her apple picking. If you’ve only done something once before, can you still call it a tradition? This orchard was quite beautiful. Grandpa Dave had been before so he told us of some of the good baked treats and we all went on a tractor ride to the fields.

I think we may have each consumed a pound of apples before we left. But how else are you suppose to figure out what you want? These two are buddies!In early September we headed out to Champaign to celebrate Robb’s tenure/40th birthday party! We were so proud of him, turning 40 is kind of a big deal. Just kidding. He has worked so hard for so many years – Sammy and the kids were also part of the equation, supporting and encouraging him to fulfill this dream. We were happy with the chance to see them.

Indra making herself right at home in Zoe’s room. She’s sort of a little snoop.Watching the kids play soccer and getting some snuggles with Auntie.
Getting all sorts of love and attention from the Lindgrens. My bald little baby was loving it!Having “special time” with the kids. We swapped offspring for a few hours. The three of us played mini golf and had paletas (aka: delicious Mexican popsicles) after sweltering in the sun. Sammy and Robb took Indra to the park.Getting the hang of this smelling thing.Back in Iowa I was trying to get crafty about making Indra like her crib. Since she was born, we only had a one bedroom, so we all piled into bed together. While it worked for us, it wasn’t always convenient. I felt like we had such a special bond from all this touching, but to be honest, sometimes I was jealous of the parents who could just plop their kid in bed and go on with their night. And also, not always have all that touching! This little Baby Einstein gadget was a bit of an amusement, but never got her to like her crib.

We share a close DNA with chimps?! No way, I don’t believe it!
Celebrating three years married and fifteen years together. I swear this wasn’t posed. I guess making her sleep in a crib makes this sweetness a lot harder to capture.Loves Grandpa’s green smoothie. Even if sometimes her little ‘stach looks a little like Hitler.Getting ready for family pictures and just hanging out in Iowa.Sweet little dress that Zoe made for Indra.Walking in the woods with Grandpa to scout out a location for Grandma’s bench.Some of Indra’s favorite activities these days: sorting, being blown around by the fan, kangaroo-in-a-box, and talking on the phone.We went apple picking with Nana, but ended up just looking at goats and taking cute pictures of Indra in her new winter hat. Meanwhile, I ran after her trying to keep those little fingers away from sneaky goat mouths.That’s all for now!