“Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.” – Charles Dickens

Last stop before heading back to the good ‘ol US of A. We’ve been to London many time before but never with this little munchkin. She’s all fancy rocking a teeny tiny pony.

I love walking around all these old buildings. I’m sure every single one of them has meaningful history. I don’t know it but I’m sure if I asked Ezra he would know. He’s a little bit of an anglophile.

Walking around Covent Garden. Looking for tea, listening to music and Indra basking in the attention of a group of school kids. #livingherbestlife

Just walking to the palace. Buckingham to be specific.


Lounging in St. James Park. We were probably scaring birds and eating crackers. I can’t quite remember but its more likely true than not. Also, the pregnant lady probably wanted to rest.

Loving spring!

Next on to Hyde Park to feed the birds whilst scaring them.

Taking a toddler and a stroller into a crowded pub. What could possibly be wrong with that?

No one wanted this picture but me apparently.

Westminster. Luckily it was closed. Somehow, Ezra has never been inside. Since having kids I’ve realized how little I like sightseeing with Ezra. He likes to read every last word on every last sign. I don’t. Which means I try to occupy Indra and keep her from yelling while he is absorbed in his reading. To be fair, he has started just taking pictures of the signs so he can read it later. I feel this is also time-consuming. Dividing and conquering seems like a much better strategy.

Every good city has a Chinatown.

We divided and conquered. Indra and I napped, while Ezra went to the British Museum.’

Indra has been obsessed with buses. We tried to take one, but the route we were going was closed. So Ezra picked up this toy instead. It was a hit. It makes lots of noises and has flashing lights. Perfect.

The Tube was also a hit. Luckily Indra is using safe riding practices. She’s a natural.

One more ride heading to the airport. This hug from my little love says it all. What a wonderful past few months together – I already miss it!


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