“If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning.” – Dweck

IMG_4529After the rough start to our trip we cruised on over to the island of Tenerife and things started to seem brighter. We had decided to stay in San Andrés which was on the north side of the island. It was a quaint little fishing village and while the weather was cooler here, it was away from the package tourists and had a beautiful beach. This was the view from our apartment. Not so bad, eh?MVIMG_20180114_111837During the week we stayed around our home base but on the weekends we explored. We thought about moving over to Puerto de la Cruz, but it didn’t really feel like our speed. We enjoyed wandering around nonetheless and hit up a little playground. Indra was just starting to get interested and confident in her play yard abilities.IMG_20180114_160930IMG_4564-COLLAGEIMG_20180114_183145During the week we had our routine, sort of like at home. We started with listening to music and dancing, followed by copious amounts of oatmeal. The only difference really was getting to run around this beautiful beach.IMG_4603I just can’t handle the cuteness!IMG_4608-COLLAGEIMG_4653IMG_4595-COLLAGEAfter the beach sometimes we wandered around town to get groceries, but because the town was pretty small, this errand was usually a short activity.MVIMG_20180118_113213MVIMG_20180118_113253IMG_4707Otherwise we did really interesting things like peeking in mirrors, jumping inside suitcases and running up and down the hall. There was also a teeny tiny park that we would go swing at and while away the hours, especially when we were frequently kicked out for Ezra’s conference calls. Sometimes this meant just going and hanging out in the car if it was late or windy.IMG_4675-COLLAGE

Another weekend exploring the Anaga mountains – we went for a super strenuous hike. Kidding – it was on a boardwalk, we have a toddler and I’m pregnant.IMG_20180120_17550900100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180120180137218_COVERIMG_4838

I must be about 17 weeks here.IMG_4733We went to El Teide and had fun driving through the pretty impressive landscape. It was super windy so we let Indra sit in the car while we would take turns getting out to snap pictures or climb to vantage points.IMG_4741IMG_4741-COLLAGEWe had lots of memorable drives that afforded incredible views. As we worked our way further south and the weather warmed, I was kind of wanting to move locations. And actually, I sort of felt like being around other tourists and maybe just kick back a little. Traveling with a toddler was making me want to do things that were just fun and easy. Like being around more kids, speaking English with all the Brits, and actually having a supermarket.IMG_4812IMG_20180121_173853Because it was busy season and we were on a budget it was hard to find someplace to stay. We ended up in this little town called El Médano that was super great for windsurfers because of (you guessed it) all the wind. But this wind did not make for a very enjoyable experience if you wanted to do something like just walk around town. There was one day we had to get out of the apartment for Ezra’s calls and it was waaay too windy to walk around or go to the beach. So we went to the car. The gusts were so strong it felt like a hurricane was rolling in. Indra was crying because sand was whipping in her eyes, I could hardly see, people were walking sideways and being pushed into things. Once safely inside our little sand-covered auto, it started rocking. So, maybe not ideal. Plus it had the feel of a soviet bloc town – sort of a bummer. Ezra drove us to the super touristy part one day and Indra and I happily walked from beach to beach and ate ice cream.


El Médano, an awesome place if you’re into windsurfing, flying kites or concrete buildings.


It wasn’t all bad though, the apartment was spacious and cute. Indra had a great time taking baths, lounging and eating. We found a great little shop with lots of stickers.IMG_4855-COLLAGE

If we ever come back, this is the town I’d like to stay in, Los Gigantes. So basically this was just a scouting trip. Haha.MVIMG_20180127_124857-COLLAGEIMG_4885PANO_20180127_13311900100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180127143233317_COVER

We ended our exploring in a beautiful town called La Laguna. After a month in the Canary Islands we decided to move on. Originally we had hoped to find a place we loved and to stay put. We had been hoping for something a bit warmer and more relaxing. With the restraints for Ezra’s job, we couldn’t go to the smaller islands that might give us more of what we wanted. So we decided to just leave and go explore. All-in-all, a successful first month traveling with a toddler. Sure we made some mistakes, but I would definitely come back to the Canary Islands. MVIMG_20180127_164909IMG_20180127_165721IMG_20180127_171711MVIMG_20180127_182053

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