end of year

“Whatever happened over this past year, be thankful for where it brought you. Where you are is where you’re meant to be.”

The month of December tends to be one of my favorites. I always love the anticipation of all the activities. But sometimes all that running around can make you feel like this.
IMG_3651We went up to Minnesota for a few days so that we could take Indra on the Polar Express again. But we decided to also hit up the outlet malls with Nana, because why not. That kid went straight for the purple shoes… she definitely does not take after me.IMG_3654-COLLAGESecond annual Polar Express. We barely made it in time. As you can see, Indra is not fully dressed.IMG_3705Indra might have been okay if we missed it. Santa is so not her jam. To be fair, we don’t talk about Santa and he is just kind of a creepy old man who chats with kids. She was like “thanks but no thanks.” She did enjoy looking at the elves and the workshop.IMG_3730-COLLAGECuddling with Nana.IMG_3780This is perhaps the worst passport photo in the history of bad photos. The guy at Walgreens was so not interested in snapping a few more pictures so my kid looked cute while traveling. Then he photoshopped her head. This child has so little hair to begin with, why did he feel the need to chop off the rest? Thankfully kid passports are only good for a few years, right? So embarrassing. IMG_3791Just playing with lights and electricity so my mom can get a cute picture! But she’s pretty dang cute, right.IMG_3796Just the day-to-day grind. Study, exercising and cleaning.IMG_3805-COLLAGEBeing pregnant was making me a little emotional. I was trying to appreciate these moments with Indra… and snap grainy selfies of her being a little sweetheart.IMG_3820Just sitting in a bin of beans and making the world’s biggest mess. Whoever invented sensory bins, was a genius.IMG_3846-COLLAGEDave had been out in New Mexico visiting his dad. He came home late at night after Indra was in bed. In the morning she was so happy to see him. She was shy but became his little shadow. I had never seen her act this way before. It was so precious watching her and Dave just hold each other. Ezra and I hadn’t realized all the feeling she must be having.IMG_3870-COLLAGEWe took a walk with Dave out to the lake. We shared our exciting news about the baby on the way. Dave was so happy for us and it felt good to get it out in the open. Ezra had been buying me non-alcoholic beer so I could pretend to drink when people were around. I thought for sure that Dave was on to us, but he said he had no idea.IMG_3888Maker:0x4c,Date:2017-11-16,Ver:4,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar01,E-veIMG_3879-COLLAGEIndra and I had started decorating the tree, but now that Dave was home we made a night of it and put on the ornaments.IMG_3913IMG_3920IMG_3923IMG_3934Because we were (relatively) close to my sister, we made a trip out to Illinois. While they were all at work or school, Indra and I hit up the bookstore. I watched her run from one stuffed animal to the next and drag these giant bears all around.IMG_3947We had been trying to get her to like her crib, but to no avail. We thought, maybe if Beckett got in the pack-and-play with her and showed her how fun it was, it might translate back to the crib. Wow, was I wrong.IMG_3958IMG_3962Just going on a nature safari and looking at your average Illinois animals; such as hyenas and camels.IMG_3980-COLLAGEAfter a great trip to Illinois it was time to get serious about this holiday spirit. I made what I thought were my grandma’s Mexican wedding cookies. Only to be told later she made Russian tea cakes. Spoiler alert: they’re the same thing. After free-styling the recipe gluten and dairy-free (along with placing the cookies way too close together) we ended up with this…IMG_4085-COLLAGEForcing some crib time. I mean why wouldn’t you like this baby cage? It looks so comfortable.IMG_4087Back to cleaning.IMG_4095 Before heading up to Minnesota we decided to celebrate Christmas together. Our Christmas tradition for a number of years has been making fettuccini. We had our little family’s night together eating pasta and introducing Indra to the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie.IMG_4097Looking a little rough this morning. I had been so tired the night before I didn’t put up her teepee, so I quick scurried downstairs to get to it!00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20171223090700453_COVERAnd it was a success.IMG_4118-COLLAGEAbout 12 weeks pregnant and ready to share the news.IMG_4129Butt first this. IMG_4132We broke the news by adding an extra stocking to the mantle. Everyone was so happy to join in on our excitement… and I was thrilled that I could stop pretending to drink.

Christmas Eve! IMG_4138IMG_0115Opening presents. Some were hers…IMG_4156and some were not. Being such a good helper.IMG_4168Doesn’t get much better than this as a kid!IMG_4171-COLLAGEIMG_4189-COLLAGEChristmas morning!!IMG_4195
IMG_4202All the gift opening and eating really wears you out.IMG_4208Next, onto the Bjorholm/Eash family Christmas where we broke the baby news again.IMG_4212Loves her auntie!IMG_4227-COLLAGESoren’s masterpiece.IMG_4246Last stop was a whirlwind trip down to Des Moines for some celebrating with Laurie’s side. We made the trip down and back in one day. But it was well worth it. And then the holidays were over. The best part is always getting to be with family, and eating my mom’s monkey bread on Christmas morning of course.

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