south of france

“The way to know life is to love many things.” -Van Gogh

We returned to Paris so Ezra could meet with his replacement at work and help transition him into the role. Since they couldn’t meet in the UK, Paris was the obvious destination. So we left Greece and not wanting to have to purchase another ticket back, we decided we’d hop on the train and head south.

IMG_3757IMG_3812IMG_3808I did a daytrip to see Versaille. After taking the wrong train and buying the wrong ticket (which resulted in a hefty fine – just my luck!) I made it to the infamous palace. It was beautiful but I was feeling a bit exhausted by the time I finally arrived. Getting pushed around by so many tour groups was not my idea of fun and so I just went through quickly and left.


The hall of mirrors was pretty spectacular!


We hopped off the train in Aix-En-Provence where we wandered around town and rented a car to cruise through Provance. I fell in love and we were there at such a fortuitous time. Red poppies dotted the landscape as well as many other wildflowers. Spring is my favorite time of year. Everything smells so fresh and it holds so much promise. The countryside was shifting from a dull brown to verdant green and life seemed to teem in every corner. Can you tell I was excited to be in Provence in Spring?


We stopped at Pont du Gard which is an old Roman aqueduct and enjoyed the view over the river.DSC09066IMG_3952_edited-1IMG_3975DSC09023DSC08961



My new favorite candy – where have you been all my life?

Next we spent a couple day in Nice enjoying views of the French Riviera and drove along the “James Bond” coastal road up to a cute little town called Eze. We were going to head to Monaco for the day but were short on time and instead returned to Nice and did what everyone does when they’re in France – went to a Chinese restaurant. We did follow it up with a more traditional stroll through the flower market.


IMG_4025IMG_4028    IMG_4066  DSC09144IMG_4017 IMG_4254 IMG_4253 IMG_4153IMG_4150 IMG_4079IMG_4078IMG_4072

The French’s version of a non-stop restuarant. God I love the French!




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