a paris apartment

“Home is where the heart is.”

We have rented a lot of AirBnB apartments and have had mostly excellent experiences. However, my parents and I had one that is worth mentioning. The whole experience was a comedy of errors. It was Ezra’s idea to just copy the thread of emails back-and-forth as is. As a side note, we love France and the French. Any jokes are just that – a joke!

Ez – You are not going to believe the experience I had today with this apartment. My parents and I have been dying over it. I will just list them for you:

1. No internet that appears to work.
2. Random half drunk water bottles all thru the apartment.
3. Baby formula all through the apartment.
4. Nothing is plugged in.
5. The toilet has no light fixture, at all. Nor a window. It is like being in a dark closet.
6. She wrote me and said she forgot to tell me there was no light. The fixture is in the bathroom. The ladder is in the closet. She was going to put it in at 1:30 when she was going to meet me. So I guess BC I didn’t get in at 1:30 we don’t get a light. Or I guess I’m suppose to put it in BC she told where the ladder is?
7 . I got major ‘tude because I wanted to check in before 6:30 pm. Even though the check in was at 6, which is ridiculous anyway.
8. I had to go across town and meet her to get the keys. Worst. Directions. Ever. Took me over an hour and my parents had to wait in a cafe with all their luggage.
9. The (I presume) apt manager questioned us when we came in and didn’t appear to like nor know what was going on.
10. The refrigerator and freezer is full of their food. Including a used toothbrush.
11. The full kitchen is really just a sink and microwave. The two heating plaques are really just one hot plate…. on the floor.
12. The microwave was not plugged in, because there was no plug in where it was. We had to move and set it up.
13. The hot plate was in front of boxes that held the stove – that was not set up.
14. There is a TV, it has no service to it.
15. I shut the bedroom door and got locked in because the door knob fell off. There was tape over the hole. We’re guessing so it doesn’t lock because the door doesn’t work. Regardless the tape didn’t hold and I was locked in the room for quite awhile.
16. I’m sleeping in the bedroom BC my parents don’t feel comfortable. While the description states the whole apt has curtains there are none in the bedroom. The huge window faces a busy street with office buildings.
17. There are curtains in the living room but they only cover the top 3/4 of the window.
18. There are dirty sandals and slippers lying about.
19. There are huge IKEA type boxes all over the apartment and cleaning supplies everywhere.
20. Weird teddybears and other kids toys lying about.
21. She mentioned she was going to skip her lunch break to meet me so I could check in, and that I better write her a good review. I replied that I wrote her 10 days ago to arranged a time and would have canceled if I’d known sooner that this would be a problem. She didn’t apologized, said she had work commitments and was doing me a favor and that I knew she was making herself available at 1:30 for me (our train was late). She was not polite in her responses. I guess that is also when she was going to put a light in the bathroom? Considering she was so strapped with work, this makes sense.

There are a few more gems I’m forgetting but this is what comes to mind at the moment. Needless to say my parents and I have been laughing (mostly) at how ridiculous this in. We will drink wine in Granada together and craft a scathing review. I think she deserves it.

Hope you are having a lovely night in Granada. The internet may be slow but at least you don’t have a dirty toothbrush in your refrigerator.  Xoxo


hilarious. only because it’s not me. you should just post a blog entry with the above exactly as is, i was dying. and that’s why i hate the french. 

love you,

A couple more things…

1. I woke this morning to a jackhammer outside my window and hammering in the apt above.
2. The water in the whole apartment stopped working. Mid-shower. Oh, she forgot to tell us the water was being turned off.
3. She wrote back and said the internet should work and also, yes the information about the ladder was for me to put the fixture in. Apparently its easy…

did she tell you how to work the jackhammer as well? maybe you’ll need to use it to get the water working. maybe you’ll need to clean the whole place too before you leave and fix the door. and the shades. you should double-check.
PARIS...heading to Paris for Part 2 of our trip (477) PARIS...heading to Paris for Part 2 of our trip (479)

One thought on “a paris apartment

  1. Oh my Angie! This sounds awful! One bad thing after another. It’s good you have it written down because this is unbelievable and later on down the road, you’ll think you made this up.

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